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"My lungs burned with the need for more oxygen. I heaved and thrusted into you like a madman. Your mound was trembling as it repeatedly squirted and covered my abdomen with your femininity. With each additional collision of our exhausted bodies, with each additional climax you endured, your euphoria became deeper, and ... See more
HARD LIMIT: ”Daddy”“May I call you Daddy, Sir?” She said with her beautiful young mouth, mature voice, and pleading eyes. “Absolutely not.” I responded with unnecessary brashness. “Why won’t you just let me call you Daddy, what’s the big deal?” She...


“May I call you Daddy, Sir?” She said with her
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Opportunities For Improvement - “Dominant Men”


You are exqusite


Boo u r gorguess
Such alluring eyes
Such supple lips
Does mamis sexi self like chocolate men

Ladies and gentlemen,

This post has been published to make light of the large population of Dominant men who seem unable or unwil
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When your sweet voice looked up me during dinner and asked what the pile-driver position was, I could not resist the temptation to just show you…

This my little queen is one version of the pile-driver. Now Daddy is going to show you the other versions. Would you like that pumpkin?

Roles, Rights and Limits

Anonymous asked:

Sir, Thank you for allowing “asks”. You have helped so many of us understand better as how to develop in our roles properly. If you could share, do you ask your slave her “limits” even though you have the final say and she has no rights? If there is something you know a slave
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Dominant Reluctance

rex-skipper asked:

Dear sir, My partner and I are both relatively new to bdsm. I'm starting to notice that we both want completely different things. When I ask my partner if he will indulge in any of my kinks, he almost always refuses. When he finally obliges (because I pester him) he stops becaus
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“You give me your soul thru your eyes, and your passion thru your kiss

You calm my ferocity thru your touch, and my hunger thru your sufferance”

“I bestow my dominance thru your consent, and my methods thru my oath

I show my respect thru my sensitivity, and my gratitude thru my discretion”

“We realize our fantasies
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