I am a thirty-two year old Daddy Dom who believes that submission is a gift that should be earned. I am in a happy and healthy relationship with My Best Friend, Girlfriend, Soul Mate, and Full-Time Submissive @CeliLittleGirl. I am excited to be an active member in the BDSM/kink community.

Things I Like: BDSM, Bond
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There will be times when I manhandle you. Times when Daddy picks you up and throws you onto the bed, or turns you around and forces your face against the wall while I fuck your ass.

Then, there will be times when my hands are light, gentle, and guiding. Times when my fingertips brush your skin so gently that it excites you and fills you with anticipation. During these times, you will obey. Partly because you want to, but also because you will feel my authority in my voice.
"That's my good girl. Let your body talk to your Daddy. I am going to study the pathetic noises you make, and learn the ways you scrunch your nose, shift your hips, and arch your back based on how aroused, achey, and needy you are.

Daddy is going to get to know you and your body intimately because the better I can read you, the easier it will be to make you feel exactly how I want you to feel for my pleasure."
I want to grab my submissive without any warning and lay her across my lap so roughly that it scares her, and I can hear the trembling in her voice.

"O-oh. Are you finally going to do something about how bratty you say I've been lately?"

She wiggles her ass mockingly.

"You have been bratty, and your Daddy has been waiting to see just how long you were going to keep it up. I see now that my bratty sub has no intention of behaving, so it's time your Daddy set you straight."

Despite her unwarranted cockiness, I feel her body tense in fear. I am nornally so soft and gentle; it must have really startled her when I grabbed her and forced her across my lap without notice.


Immediately, I feel her relax. Raising my hand in preperation for her second spanking, I pause as she begins to giggle, and then laugh.

"Was that it? I barely felt that!"


Using the same amount of force, my hand meets her ass again in a different place.

She laughs again, completely relaxed.

Without saying a word, I spank her a third time, and then a fourth. After thirty spankings, she is no longer laughing. Although weak, the steady spankings begin to form a dull ache inside her muscles.

After fifty spankings, she apologizes for making fun of the soft spankings.

After sixty spankings, she apologizes for being so bratty lately.

After eighty spankings, she sniffles and asks when her Daddy will let her up.

After one hundred spankings, she begs for a break, just a few seconds...

I don't give it to her.

After one hundred and twenty spankings, she is sobbing and shaking.

After one hundred and fifty spankings, she is sobbing, shaking, screaming, and begging for any form of mercy...

I don't give it to her.

By the time time she receives her two-hundreth spanking, she has no strength left. Her body, mind, and will are exhausted and weak. Her ass is a dark purple.

"Just because your Daddy is patient does not mean you should mistake my patience for weakness. Do you understand, little brat?"

She is too depleted to respond, and I smile at her pain.