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Hey everyone! I am Zak, and I am an amateur erotic author. I write stories based of different kinks and fantasies, anything you like that's dirty, I will be glad to try my hand at! I came here from Tumblr where I had 65 Thousand followers, and I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new fans, clients, and friends here
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“Oooooh yes! You white man fuck so good!” Sarah moaned loudly, her voice a parody of an Asian accent. “You fuck my gook pussy!” She had never been bothered by her heritage, considering herself to be a white girl for the most part, she even had a basic white girl name, but as she got older, she realized how much men lik ... See more
“Shh. Don’t cry! We aren’t going to hurt you to much.” He grinned, watching the young blonde squirm, sobbing as she tried to escape the hands groping her ass and tits roughly. Derek loved this part, talking to the girl before they went further. Some women fought more than others, defiant to the end. That suited him fin ... See more
This is a very short oneshot I wrote, to gauge interest in the idea. If folks like it, then I will flesh the characters and settings out a lot more, and I have LOTS of ideas for where to go with this story, but I would definitely like to hear your input! Thanks! :) Also, this story involves Clowns, so if that's not you ... See more
“I’m home! Taylor, are you here?” Amanda hadn’t planned on coming home early, she had a million things to do at work, but the weather was getting rough, so she had ducked out early. It was late enough that her daughter should have been home from college, so she thought they could have a late lunch together. Taylor’s ba ... See more