Friends, we have some IMPORTANT good news: 馃榿

The upcoming update improves performance through caching and faster page navigation.

BUT... Since these changes required a major re-work of the application, 鈿狅笍EVERYONE will be LOGGED OUT鈿狅笍. To avoid losing your account, check that you have your password and/or set your re
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Beaux Arden Admin
Beaux Arden
Everybody is free to spread the news in your topics. The more members see the message, the easier it will be for everybody!
Analissues Verified User
That's amaziiiing! Great work!!! Congratulations for your work <3
P.D: would love a time bar in our profiles and topics in order to navigate quickly through all the publications (ex.: Now, one month ago, six months ago, start of all time ..). Cheers!!!
Great news, I love Sharesome we still need a better messenger system though. Preferably one that allows pics to be shared.
Tudor Bold Admin
Tudor Bold
@Analissues thank you for all your support! We'll probably add something like an easy-to-browse archive of all your posts.
Tudor Bold Admin
Tudor Bold
@TxsMx thank you for your appreciation! We'll work on upgrading the chat in the next couple of months.
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