Guys we have an important message for you!

Recently, some fake account impersonating the Sharesome team have popped up, sending messages in Chat to our member with potentially dangerous links.

You can make sure if the profile from which you are being contacted is part of our team through the Shield icon next to our p
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lovewatchingwife Verified User
I got a message about a dating site. How can we delete messages?
Dragontalez Verified User
I received the same message as @lovewatchingwife
I got the same. Need to be able to delete them!!
Hey guys! Please report any such activity to us via Chat (on the Support account). Until we have a feature to help delete things in Chat, you can always go to the respective profile and Block them. This will stop all communication with that person via Chat (and in other ... See more
Those losers kind of sound like these sorts of people -