When a moderator removes posts that comply with the rules of he group then refuses to explain why, how do we get them off as a moderator or get an explanation as to why? It seems to be happening a lot and always the same moderator
Beaux Arden
Beaux ArdenAdmin Hey Aussi. First, you need to understand that topics are public pages managed by community members. We don't get involved in these except in cases where our Community Guidelines have been broken.

Second, Moderators are in charge of the topic, from the rules that are s
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aussisnipped @Beauxarden I had one posting taken down by one of the Moderators and I know for a fact it complied with the guidelines and a 2nd poster contacted me complaining of the same thing. Although slightly annoyed I can live with it.
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MrWorshipMe aussisnipped I understand. I posted a pic of the wife giving a blow job on a page called blowjobs and it was taken down because the pic violated the rules. When I asked what rule was violated they didn't answer
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mystuffwarehouseVerified User Beaux Arden when you're talking about topics that the moderator created and build the audience by himself, I agree with you when you say is their premises to ban or remove who and what they want. But when you're talking about those massive topics that any ... See more
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