So, I just recently told my hubby about this blog and he was super into it. He's on a business trip right now, and he just sent me a pic which he's had on his phone for a few years. That I sent to him when he was on a business trip! He says he pulls out this pic (and other things) whenever he's out of town. How romanti ... See more
lustylouisa Verified User
@BotaIv I've got some pretty good toys which I plan to use tonight. But I'd certainly love to have a cock in my mouth while I do it ;)
Your pussy looks super good!
I will definitely fuck your hot sexy mouth while you fuck yourself till we both cum, cumming all over your face and amazing tits then watch you suck my cock clean and lick my cum off those amazing tits!!
Damn girl. I like that
KevinNewsom Verified User
@lustylouisa Well...."Other Things" are Out On My End Right Now...If I Had This Photo On My Phone, or Computer, I Don't Think I'd EVER Get Any Work Done!....But I'm Off Right Now, and Can Enjoy You to Your Fullest! Thank You, and in a Few Minutes I'll Have Another Tha ... See more
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