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Tumblr refugees! Stag/Hotwife open and exploring couple that love the outdoors, public fun, especially on our boat, outdoors,sexy adult vacations, etc.. Love having new friends or a friend that inspires us to be naughty.
I did what you wanted, I tested my neighbor again, he stood on his deck and watched me and it added to my arousal, Our eyes met, he was stroking, naked I actually know he wanted to fuck me, and that idea turned me on even more. I looked right at him and continued to masturbate. He was only about 10 feet away and at he ... See more
My husband watching, taking photos made me feel like a real slut in this lewd position, offering my pussy to a strange man and him ramming his finger into my pussy was beginning to get me so damn hot. I felt the blood throbbing in my temples and my face felt flushed. God I really loved being a whore for my husband!