Ideas for Sharesome

Ideas for Sharesome


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Welcome to Sharesome! This topic is dedicated to your ideas and feedback, anything you think would improve your user experience and help us turn this platform into a safe haven for you! Go ahead, ShareSome Ideas!

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Hi there!

I can't verify my account. I already followed the istructions.

- Selected "Brand type"
- Registered my brand site
- Downloaded the sharesome.txt file
- Uploaded to my website

Now when I choose "Confirm" I get an error.

Support chat is dead 😢

Can you help me?
The best deal im getting on these new "Dynamic" profile boost is 2hrs for 60 flames.. anyone able to get a value better than this? Before the last update i remember being able to pay 100 for a half of a day or more in profile exposure. 50 flames for 1hr seemingly has no value.. I've run the boost multiple times, even b ... See more
Compiled requests to make the Topics system really work, from myself and others

Whoo, done since last year: Include destination Topic in Share notifications
Woo, started since last year! Blocking Topics [now, can we block Topics from the page or Topic lists, too?]

1) Reporting Topics (e.g., disallowed, dead-seeming,
... See more
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