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Welcome to Sharesome! This topic is dedicated to your ideas and feedback, anything you think would improve your user experience and help us turn this platform into a safe haven for you! Go ahead, ShareSome Ideas!

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Users can choose to view Sharesome in Dark Mode, as I do. Would it be possible for topic moderators to specify that their topics automatically load in Dark Mode, and for profile pages to be viewed in the same way?
Team Sharesome,

I'd like to suggest .gif files not automatically animate in the feed, better to have the file type identified and animate only when selected, tapped, or moused over. Having a long string of animated files all running while scrolling through a feed eats a lot of cpu power and in my experience leads to f
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Reporting topics as a whole to admins would be good.

Came across the topic "preteenpussy" and realized this is a much needed feature. It's good that anyone can create a topic, but we need some community policing and cleanup too.
We've been loyaly using Sharesome after the big Tumblr exodus. Ofcourse we knew it would take time to rebuild our 35.000 fan base (especially on a new platform), but the last few months we've got the feeling interaction is even getting less then before. Which kinda gives us the feeling 'what are we doing it for'.

We r
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