Ideas for Sharesome

Ideas for Sharesome


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Welcome to Sharesome! This topic is dedicated to your ideas and feedback, anything you think would improve your user experience and help us turn this platform into a safe haven for you! Go ahead, ShareSome Ideas!

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Compiled requests to make the Topics system really work, from myself and others

Whoo, done since last year: Include destination Topic in Share notifications
Woo, started since last year! Blocking Topics [now, can we block Topics from the page or Topic lists, too?]

1) Reporting Topics (e.g., disallowed, dead-seeming,
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Support for WEBP format, both still and animated/video would be greatly appreciated. Animated GIF files are massivly larger than animated WEBP files (300% or more is not uncommon), and look significantly worse than WEBP to boot. I'm not sure why we can't upload WEBP files, but it seems like it should be relatively easy ... See more
It would be really helpful if one could view posts in a profile or topic 'Oldest First'. Some of the topics I moderate, such as *Trans Women*, have so many posts in them that I have never actually seem some of the first posts in them. For all I know, one of those topics could be a treasure trove of illegal stuff that I ... See more
Hi Guys -
Any chance better navigation tools within a topic is somewhere closer in than the nether regions of your radar?

A lot of topics have grown huge at this point and people are basically only scraping at the edges of all the content here with Hot/New/Top. You're storing an enormous amount of content that is just
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