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This is the official "place" to discuss moderation and any other issues related to Sharesome. We listen to our users and we value your input. You can do your part in making Sharesome greater by letting us know what we can do better for you. Keep on rocking in the free world!

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So, to all 103 followers of this topic, I should pose the question: what do you need? What would make your lives at Sharesome easier? What gets your goat? What would you like to see?

Let's start a constructive debate to get the guys at Sharesome to listen more closely to their moderators?
Since the latest update, this has again become relevant...

I know I have felt slighted when I have seen my posts deleted from a topic for no apparent reason - "What the hell was wrong with THAT!?" - and then never posted in that topic again. That's a good way of losing followers.

Make sure your topic has clearly defined Posting Rules that state what is and
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*Clears throat conspicuously. Stands in dictatorial fashion. Crowd hushes in expectation of GREAT and meaningful oration*

"Moderators of Sharesome, lend me your ears..."

(*Worshipful Supplicant falls vigorously to knees, and gazes worshipfully up at guru-like Sage* "Sir...! Sir...! I'M a moderator, Sir! What gems of
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