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Welcome to Sharesome! This topic is dedicated to addressing any issues you may encounter while browsing our platform. Let us know so we can fix them for you as soon as possible. Enjoy the ride!

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When browsing through another user's "Likes," at least in the grid format, if I select a post to view and then return to the grid the feed continues to load the same 4-5 rows of posts over and over. If I refresh the page then all returns to normal - until I select a post to view, then it's back to the same several rows ... See more
come on now please sort out the increasing issues valued members are having ...ive sent you a DM ...hardly bothering to come on & post now its gotten so bad 🤷‍♀️
also response times to issues are so slow whats happening ?
I cannot click the share/comment button from the "zoomed in view".

After clicking a post image to get the zoomed in view, the share/comment button does not work. I've cleared cache/cookies/etc.. The like button appears to still function.

Likes/Posts counts are also no longer displaying on profiles.

I've also got a b
... See more
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