Hi Guys -
Any chance better navigation tools within a topic is somewhere closer in than the nether regions of your radar?

A lot of topics have grown huge at this point and people are basically only scraping at the edges of all the content here with Hot/New/Top. You're storing an enormous amount of content that is just
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SexyBits An archive view like Tumblr has been suggested many times here. I think it's still on their list but I think they said it's still quite a ways out. I think it should be moved up on the priorities list. Our posts go dead far too soon as compared to how they really neve ... See more
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wolfgang678 SexyBits Yeah, that'd be the ticket... Seems like most of the content here is basically lying completely fallow right now, never accessed and almost inaccessible (except thru some narrow indexing using hashtags, likes/saved-for-later lists, etc)
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SexyBits wolfgang678 Yes that is exactly right. There would obviously be so much more activity on the site if we could see and share from archives of profiles as well as topics. The feed alone is just way too limited. We see the same recent posts many many times ... See more
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Mickey Neutronic
Mickey NeutronicVerified User You suggested one solution... #hashtags I use them and I'm starting to see a few clicks. Support it would be dope to see hashtag clicks as part of the statistic spread in the analytics tab.
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