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Create your own  AI Character: Introducing Sharesome AI: Your ultimate AI Character Creator. Customize personalities, clothes and more to create your personal and unique Sharesome AI character, you can chat and interact with.

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18 years

  • Temptress

Kendall Parker

31 years

  • Temptress

Bella Dolphins

18 years

  • Jester

Ariella Martinez

20 years

  • Nympho

Harley Sin

18 years

  • Mean

Amy Ratajkowski

40 years

  • Caregiver

Anna Johansson

30 years

  • Lover

Tracy Kayser

30 years

  • Confident

Lola Song

20 years

  • Submissive

Sonia Hadid

30 years

  • Sage

Michelle Williams

20 years

  • Experimenter

Ruby Spice

30 years

  • Dominant


23 years

  • Experimenter


22 years

  • Temptress


18 years

  • Innocent


18 years

  • Caregiver

What can I do with Sharesome AI?

AI Character Creator

Create Your Personal AI Character

With the Sharesome AI Character Creator, meeting your perfect match is simple. Customize your AI character with a range of physical attributes, personality traits, and unique quirks, bringing your realistic, manga or anime style companion to life in just a few clicks.

AI Image Generator

Create Images for Your Character

After bringing your AI porn character to life with, take it a step further with custom image generation. Select from predefined options like cosplay, lingerie, or nude, or use customized settings to create sexy images that reflect your unique vision of your character.

AI Chat and Sexting

Talk with Your Generated AI Character

Chat exclusively with your generated AI porn character in the Sharesome chat. Enjoy ongoing conversations that stay true to their personality traits, sexual orientation and interests. Your AI companion is always ready to chat, offering a lasting relationship that feels authentic and meaningful.
Create AI Character

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sharesome AI?

Sharesome AI is an innovative platform that is part of Sharesome AI allows you to design, create and connect with your own AI character. You can customize your character`s personality, clothes, and more. Chat and interact with your AI character and build a real connection with them.

How can I interact with my AI Character?

Due to our advanced and modern machine learning technology, your AI character will become your new best friend. Get intimate, start chatting and build a connection. Your AI character will learn from you and your messages and responds based on their chosen personality and interests.

What can I do with my AI Character?

When creating your AI character, you can customize their appearance, personality, and interests. After you created your character you can have a naughty chat or request images from them. All based on their interests and personality you chose uppon creation. With our AI image generator you can also generate custom images for you in different situations, clothes or poses.

Do I need an account to use Sharesome AI?

In oder to create a character you need to register or sign in to Sharesome. After you signed up you can start creating your character. If you already have a Sharesome account, you can use the same account for Sharesome AI.

What is an AI Character on Sharesome AI?

An AI character is a virtual character that you can create and interact with, created with artificial intelligence machine learning. You can customize their appearance, personality, and interests. AI Characters can chat with you, send you images and more. They are created with the Sharesome AI creator where you can choose from a variety of options, personality traits and chracteristics to create your perfect AI character.

What does it cost to use Sharesome AI?

We charge a small fee to create your AI character. After creating your character, you pay per message or image request in the chat you send to your AI character. You can also generate custom images for your character for a small fee.

The prices are:

Character Creation: 99 Flame Credits

Image Generation: 20 Flame Credits

Unlock Image: 20 Flame Credits

Chat Message: 3 Flame Credits

Unlock Chat Image: 25 Flame Credits

How do I pay for Sharesome AI?

Payments are made with our token called Flame Credits. You can purchase Flame Credits with your credit card and pay as you go. Or you pay less with Sharesome Premium plan and get monthly FREE Flame Credits plus a hefty discount on token top-ups. Your credit card data is safe with our payment partner Verotel. You can cancel your plan at any time while you enjoy full privacy in your bank statements.

You can also earn Flame Credits by getting a creator cut for all sales generated by your visible AI's, or by participating in our community, for example by posting content and receiving awards (tips). You can use these Flame Credits then to create or interact with your AI Character.

Is Sharesome AI safe and secure?

Yes, since Sharesome AI is part of, it is safe and secure. We use the latest encryption technology to protect your data and privacy. We do not share your data with third parties. We also have a strict policy against harassment and abuse. If you encounter any issues, please report them to our support team.

Are my chat conversations private?

Yes, your chat conversations are private. We do not share your conversations with third parties. We use the latest encryption technology to protect your data and privacy. Feel assured as you interact with your virtual companion, that your information and chat conversations remain safeguarded.

Your Perfect AI Character Match Is Waiting

With, the power to craft your romantic journey lies in your hands. Whether you seek a committed virtual relationship or crave diverse and erotic encounters, our service offers an almost realistic experience tailored to your preferences, desires and fantasies.

Let your custom created and personalized AI Character fulfill your desires and fantasies, meeting all your needs with

Experience an authentic connection with our advanced and deep-learning technology, forging a heartfelt bond with your ideal AI partner.

Creating or discovering your perfect AI match is simple. Customize your AI Character with a range of physical attributes, personality traits, and unique traits, bringing your personalized companion to life in just a few clicks. Or just chat with one of the existing public AI Characters and see if they match your needs.

While you create an image with our innovative AI Image Generator and chat with your AI companion, it learns from your interactions. Guide the chat conversation's tempo, from playful banter to passionate exchanges and limitless sexting.

Experience the excitement of requesting photos and sexy selfies, chatting or sexting, exclusively tailored to your imagination. With our innovative AI Character Creator, rest assured your partner will always captivate you with their irresistible charm.

Your perfect AI companion awaits. Create it with!

Experience the future of your virtual companionship now!

Create your first AI Character drives captivating experiences with an authentic touch, empowering users to forge AI characters, generate images and chat with them in a way that feels almost real.

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