Dirty Pirate Hookers

Dirty Pirate Hookers


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Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate Slut for me!
The Fun Begins When We Plunder Slut Loot!
Dicks Up! Me 'earties Yo Ho!
When Shes Spit Roasted Shes Really A Hoot!
Dicks Up! me 'earties Yo Ho!

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Pirate Slut for me!
She Loves Tiities & Clitties & Finger Blasting!!
Dicks Up! Me 'earties Yo Ho!
She'll Bury Your Cock In That Snatch While We Sing!!
Dicks Up! Me 'earties Yo Ho!

She's The Dirtiest Pirate Slut Of Your Dreams!!
Dicks Up! Me 'earties Yo Ho!

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Dirty Pirate Slut ready to sail...
Real Couple
Chat for Tributes
ready for FFM,MMF, airtight & a train..
loves to be stretched & filled
discreet rendezvous in Laughlin possible..
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