Fantasy - Rape Play


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This topic is entirely about rape fantasy. We DO NOT CONDONE actual Rape. Fantasy good, real rape bad.

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David's hot MILF of a mom is a professional mountain climber. She works hard to provide and teach her son everything she knew. As a birthday treat, she takes her son to a cabin on the foothills of the mountain. There, they can enjoy complete privacy. Convicts escaped nearby, and ended paying their cabin a little visit. They decide to have some fun with mommy... And David was forced to watch.
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Welcome to the Rape Play topic! All posts here should be about some kind of forced sex fantasy. Extremely violent posts might get removed.
What is Welcome Here
-Written Work (Fantasies, Stories, Ect.)

What is NOT Welcome Here
-Disrespect (We all share this fun little fantasy, but that does not give us the right to be creeps or weirdos about it.)
-Spam Links (This includes Links to sketchy websites. Links to real people are allowed, as long as the content shared fits the topic.)

Enjoy, and please report any issues you see.
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