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Just another sub fallen to the greatest trap of all: hypnotic breasts. Everything you see us either rebloged or found on hypno hub, I take no credit
Hey all sharsome, I will be leaving you as I find this site both frustrating and un usable. Thusly, this account will be dead but still up for you guys to look over. However, I will not be gone completely, I'm still active on my twitter and bdsmlr so be sure to check those out (exact same name and profile picture). I'm ... See more
The Future of TMF. So i have set up three other potential sites Ello, Sharesome and BDSMLR.Sharesome however is based around NSFW stuff so i great in that regard but i have many problems with loading and connecting so thats not to good. BDSMLR however looks very promising and is very similar to tumblr but for NSFW. I t ... See more
it is easy to be DRAWN to the breasts… titnotized to relax deeper for the Dominant Bimbo … She Herself is entranced by Her own BREASTS… the tits soft glow washing over you both as you can no longer look away… your hand dropping to your PLEASURE as you fall under the spell… relax… OBEY