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I wanted to make a more serious topic, thinking that we are all together human. We all have our questions, doubts, concernes or even insecurities. But by building up the courage to give it attention, sharing it, in a safe space (this topic), i believe we can overcome them and become better versions of ourselves.

I'm also sure there are far more people out there, many of them here, on Sharesome, which can help shed some light or hope or trust on those concerns. I wish for everyone to contribute, as your few words could lift the weight off many people's own curiosities.

Stay kinky and stay kind!

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Well, if you ever had questions, i think you'll find answers from @DadaJones !
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Hey guys!

So i wanted to know how you feel about music and sex.

To me, sex always seems more dynamic and deep whenever i have music in the background.

Be it rock, chill, pop or hip-hop, anything that can get me in the rhythm, it makes me instinctively more to it's flow.

What do you guys think? Do you include mus
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