Cheating Wifes/Girlfriends

Cheating Wifes/Girlfriends


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What are the signs of a cheating wife? She doesn’t feel like kissing you on the cheek when you go to work because she has two cocks in her mouth. Let’s face it, we all cheat. Some cheat at the math test, some cheat at sports. But this topic is all about cheating wives and girlfriends, with pictures and videos to prove it all.

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Your girlfriend started it. She led him upstairs and teased him. She told him she wasn't protected but he could fuck her if he wanted.

She ground herself down on his cock, urging him on, bringing him closer to the edge.

He told her he was about to cum, slowing right down. He didn't want to get her pregnant. She grinn
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Question for all of the guys out there who share their wives or girlfriends...When you watch her with another guy, would you rather see it be just a simple, casual fuck or would you rather see a more passionate. romantinc experience? If the two of them have great chemistry together, does that bother you or turn you on ... See more