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Share your favorite orgasms, that means amateur orgasms, pornstar orgasms, eye rolling orgasms and orgasm faces in general.

Watching a dick going in and out of a hole is mechanics, not porn. It doesn't matter if it's a dildo, or real. Show whole body and face, too.

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I set this up with female orgasms in mind, but upon reflection, we'll try this for either sex. If this starts to become a focus for gays, that will be reviewed again.
Orgasms are a whole body experience. I prefer seeing more than just the crotch.
More than just "in and out". Please.
I want to see faces as well.
Just so long as there's Real Heat!

Commercial posts get 24 hours free. You want it to stay??? Tip well. You're doing this for money.....share.
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