Perfect Bodies


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This topic is all about the perfect body! We want to find and show the most perfect bodies on the web!

Find, copy - paste links to: a) images or GIFs on imgur, tumblr... b) videos on pornhub, xvideos...

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Posting Rules

Only pics, videos or gifs showing a perfect body! Most of the bodies have to be visible! Pictures without showing the hips and most of the legs and upper body are not allowed!

  • Only showing the body + legs without the head/face
  • Parts of the body when at least around 70% of the body is visible

Not allowed:
  • Pics showing only head and upper body
  • Pics showing only the head
  • Ultra skinny women
  • less than around 70% of the body visible
  • Videos or Gifs, where most of the time the entire person is not visible
  • Videos or Gifs, with explicit sexual interaction (there are other topics for that)
  • Skinny women
  • Gay content

You can post links Tumblr, Imgur, Gfycat etc!
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