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Eye Candy


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This topic will be all about beautiful women. They don't have to be nude but should be in some form of undress. Hopefully they will leave an impression on your mind, a bulge in you pants and leave you feeling like a kid in an adult candy store.
I do not claim rights to anything posted. If you see something you own the rights to and do not want posted here let me know and I will be glad to remove it.

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This topic is for women only. Preferably nude but should at least be in some state of undress. Please nothing but female bodies or body parts.

This means:
No dicks in any form even if they are with a women.
No Trans, while there are many that would qualify as Eye Candy there are other topics for them
No posts of anyone underage.

In the end I am the final judge on what qualifies as Eye Candy and will remove anything I don't feel fits the topic.
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